TRANSFORMERS Online - Autobots vs Decepticon All SKin ,Weapons ,Transform vs Slow Motion UE4 Show -

TRANSFORMERS Online – Autobots vs Decepticon All SKin ,Weapons ,Transform vs Slow Motion UE4 Show

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Video show Autobots vs Decepticon all 20 Characters Skin and Weapons ,Transform car , Bumblebee Age of Extinction Sword , Optimus Prime New Swords . New character BlackOut , Megatron revenge of the fallen skin , more skin vs weapons of some character on game update 🙂

Tencent game has announced a new MMORPG FPS : TRANSFORMERS Online 《变形金刚Ol》,

Games to restore the film and animation in vivid character Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, etc., unique fighting Transformers personality

At the same time, the game uses the powerful Unreal Engine 4, to bring players the ultimate audio-visual experience.

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  1. they should do toys of some of these characters!

  2. I wish Shockwave, Galvatron, Ironhide, Sideswipe, TF1 movie Jazz, and DOTM Red Dino/Mirage was here. Also I like to see Jolt in this game. Whoa, Arcee is a lot more sexy in here, but still not that good.

  3. Does it bother anyone else that blackout is the only flying character in the game? We need more flying characters to even things out

  4. Why isn't Optimus' Peterbilt form (From the 1st TF film, ROTF, & DOTM) in this? That's most bad-ass looking one.

  5. А когда эта игра будет в России хочется по играть ?

  6. We need Starscream, Windblade and Drift

    Drift could have his Age Of Extinction, Last Knight, And a third IDW Inspired Costume

    Windblade could have her own original costume aswell

    Starscream aswell

  7. The transformations remember me of TF: The rise of the dark spark, they look so much with it

  8. Do they have this in english

  9. Revenge of the fallen megatron looks cool

  10. Is this available to play in android/iOS phone?

  11. Any idea when this will be English? I really want it!

  12. This transformers video game has really good editing design

  13. And why didn't you put the transformations to normal form.

  14. This looks so cool, a shame there was no english version. I love how the last knight megatron turns into a tank.

  15. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but what have they done to Arcee?

  16. I wish this was in english.
    Edit: I wish it had subtitles if english isnt an option

  17. I’ve never heard of this game before, looks really cool!

  18. its looks very cool game but why there's no jets ? like starscream

  19. Plezz make a vido how we install that game

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