Transformers Prime: A Vital Chapter for the Franchise -
A Noble Leader

Transformers Prime: A Vital Chapter for the Franchise

The civilization of Cybertron is a complex and diverse community. It is always guided by the Transformers Prime – the highest rank among Cybertronians. Which equals the supreme leader. There were several of them during the history of these sentinel robots. But the most recognized and vital to the franchise is Optimus Prime.

A Noble Leader

There wasn’t a game, cartoon, or film without this character. The embodiment of justice, hope, and power, he helms Autobots against evil Decepticons. A strong and frantic fighter, he dies several times. Only to be revived and continue the mission of saving his followers and humans. His car form is usually a huge semi-truck.

Transformers Prime – The Game

Transformers Prime – The Game

The adventure is based on the animated series (2010-2012) with the same title. Developed by Now Production and Altron, the brawler was published by Activision in 2012. The settings take us to Earth, where the Decepticons are searching for valuable meteor pieces. They are composed of Dark Energon, an energy resource that grants powers and corrupts minds. A team of Autobots, headed by Optimus, strives to thwart their plans and fights back.

Really Rad Content

What at first seems like a predictable 3D beat’em up turns out highly entertaining. Each level focuses on a new character. 11 in total, they pound on bad guys using different techniques and weapons. So, you always do something different and open new aspects of the gameplay.

Another advantage is the mix of activities at each stage. Classic brawling is interrupted by high-speed pursuits. This awesome balance between vehicular and on-foot actions breaks up things beautifully. And keeps the toy from feeling stale. Although the environments appear visually bland, the robot models look nice.

Pretty and Balanced

Animation and character design make it a successful project. As well as the perfect dynamic between driving and fighting. The Transformers Prime received good reviews and feels like a proper step forward. Available on Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U.

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