Transformers Prime All Bosses | Boss Fights (WiiU) -

Transformers Prime All Bosses | Boss Fights (WiiU)

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Transformers Prime The Game All Bosses + Final Boss for WiiU
Watch the walkthrough here:

Transformers Prime All Bosses | Final Boss (WiiU)


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  1. One thing I don’t like about this game is the wasted character potential here’s some context. In the second battle after you fight airachnid she vanishes and that’s the last time we see her. Another example is when you face soundwave and he escapes but we never know what happens to him after that. The developers could’ve included them later on in the game but instead they completely forget about them.

  2. I love this game I just wish there was more characters in the multiplayer mode

  3. How do u not run out of things to upload

  4. Man I miss this game so much I would always play it as a kid

  5. Bumblebee has another combo with instead of doing a flip kick he ends it with a punch

  6. Something’s missing though, where’s Breakdown? I really miss him, how come he’s not in the game? -3-

  7. 0:22 What's with the different non-video game music over the scenes? Copyright reasons?

  8. Second round knockout is by far the most annoying boss in my opinion

  9. मला हा गेम घ्यायचाय

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