Transformers: Prime: The Game - FINALE -

Transformers: Prime: The Game – FINALE

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Welcome to my Transformers prime the game walkthrough and in this video we play as Optimus Prime and complete Episode 13 – The Last Stand collecting all of the 1 artifact,golden triangles and get ‘S’ Rank!We also defeat the final boss Thunderwing!

We completed this game 100% getting all artifacts and S Rank each episode

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  1. I was actually hoping for a GOOD final boss…

  2. i playd the game and it was great i used a and b


  4. 6:09 Why is it showing you the controls on the last level???

  5. 7:39 it was a reference to the wrath of the titans thunderwing as Kronus,optimus as zeus

  6. I passed this story like millions of times, cause its just…AWESOME!!!

  7. I didn't even know this was a game. I've been missing out

  8. This is the closest I’ve ever seen a game get compared to the actual TFP

  9. You know optimus your all talk and no action you think you have power but you dont you couldn't bring yourself to destroy megatron but yet your able to destroy thunderwing?im very disappointed

  10. I Played That So Much When I Was A Kid On My Wii U

  11. I kinda wish this game was was a couple of episodes on transformers prime

  12. thinderwing: ILL SMASH U TO ATOMS

    optumus: why our cells has atoms?

  13. It's sad how Thunderwing wasn't in the show nor the Predacon Rising movie.

  14. this battle is inspired by final battle from ghos rider the game 2007

  15. I have the DS version of this game


  17. Me : hope it is unicorn in other body
    Game :
    thunder wing
    Me: ._. Agggggrrrrrrrr

  18. It's not too dangerous Optimus let jack fight thunderwing we gotta stop thunderwing before it's too late

  19. Oh no we don't go home Optimus we thunderwing before he destroys everything if the Autobots lose it's the end of the earth there must be a way to stop thunderwing

  20. If we don't stop thunderwing he's too powerful

  21. It's not too dangerous Optimus let jack fight thunderwing if the Autobots lose it's the end of the earth

  22. Oh no we won't go home until we have to stop thunderwing before he destroys everything come on boys we gotta help Optimus hurry

  23. when you are too cheap to spring for a composer, you go straight for trailer music. ironically enough, it works very well

  24. Another Unicron's Followers

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