Transformers Prime: The Game - First 13 Minutes [Wii] -

Transformers Prime: The Game – First 13 Minutes [Wii]

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Wii Gameplay – First Look
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  1. Why don't they ever show Prime's battle axe in the show?

  2. Yeah, I've seen it. I still need to get it though.

  3. Wow, if there's one thing I can give the game for Revenge of the Fallen, it's that the vehicle jump in that actually did something more than a normal jump.


  5. I know, I've seen 1 episode of it. (TF fan!).

    It's kinda like I WANT it. K?

  6. This is the worst transformers game I have ever seen this game insults me put down the controller sell you wii or Any thing that Nintendo buy a Xbox with transformers war for cybertron and transformers fall of cybertron and you will have played the best transformers games ever

  7. Funny thing is I have a PS3 with those games and I still want this one. Or does that insult you?

  8. I beg to differ. In my personal opinion transformers revenge of the fallen for the wii was the worst. It was amazing on the xbox but bad on the wii, and I actually like the wii but I own an xbox as well

  9. Can you use the wii remote and nun chuck with this game?

  10. wow the grafics are very awesome its like see the same cartoon

  11. wuau los graficos y la trama y y y los movimientos ¡WUAU! es jenial parece como si vieras la seie

  12. Wow, looks very similar to the 3DS version. That isn't a compliment by the way. (Well I guess it is to the 3DS)

  13. Props on the story, and character models. But gameplay I'm shaky about.

  14. 6:05 I've seen some pretty blatant disregard for how gravity works in space, but this was bad even for Transformers. Prime writers usually know better than to have an object in space fall down.

  15. I don't think you hate the game, i think you hate the wii

    If anything buy a PC, that will give you best War For Cybertron.

  16. Not a bad looking game.
    I most like would die half the time but it looks so good!

  17. you should play it on the wii u looks much better

  18. i watch the episodes on netflix its awesome 😀

  19. It's a shame there wasn't a PS3/360 version. The only reason being I'd like to see this kind of transformers 'SSBB/PSRumble' concept used more in TF.

  20. omg this game is so bad. other transformer games good.

  21. Νινα Κωσταντινα Νινα says:

    this game looks like perfect

  22. best transformers game since fall of cybertron

  23. is the remote required for this or can it use the Classic Controller?

  24. So TF Devastation was just reusing some staff from this one… I see now

  25. I like transformers the game and this game

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