Transformers Prime: The Game - First 13 Minutes [Wii] -

Transformers Prime: The Game – First 13 Minutes [Wii]

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Wii Gameplay – First Look
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  1. How to download transformers prime wii u multiplayer game please make video on ut

  2. I like transformers the game and this game

  3. So TF Devastation was just reusing some staff from this one… I see now

  4. is the remote required for this or can it use the Classic Controller?

  5. best transformers game since fall of cybertron

  6. Νινα Κωσταντινα Νινα says:

    this game looks like perfect

  7. omg this game is so bad. other transformer games good.

  8. It's a shame there wasn't a PS3/360 version. The only reason being I'd like to see this kind of transformers 'SSBB/PSRumble' concept used more in TF.

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