Transformers: Prime: The Game - Part 1 - Into the Breach -

Transformers: Prime: The Game – Part 1 – Into the Breach

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Welcome to my Transformers prime the game walkthrough and in this video we play as Optimus Prime & complete Episode 1 – Into the Breach collecting all artifacts,golden triangles and S Rank it!

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  1. If deceptions are still former cybertronians then the autbots straight up murder people all the time

  2. Imagine if these parts were made into actual episodes

  3. It's strange to see that YouTube's maximum resolution in 2013 was 480p lol

  4. i play this on PC using an emulator. SOOO FUN. have been since may 2019

  5. MUHAHAHA, what a shame that those Autobots cant fly. We just gotten rid of them all in one fell swoop!

  6. This is one of those games that are almost as entertaining to watch as the show.

  7. Can we play this game on ps4 yes or no tell me please

  8. ये game कैसे download करे?

  9. MUHAHAHAHAHA what a shame that those Autobots can't fly. We just got rid them all with one fell swoop!

  10. Can we play this gam3 in drastic or free nds emulator please tell me

  11. Power Balance / The Last Kitsune Prince says:

    Imagine if Predaking was in this game and was playable!

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