Transformers: Prime: The Game - Part 12 - One Shall Fall -

Transformers: Prime: The Game – Part 12 – One Shall Fall

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Welcome to my Transformers prime the game walkthrough and in this video we play as Optimus Prime and complete Episode 12 – One Shall Fall collecting all of the 1 artifact,golden triangles and get ‘S’ Rank!

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  1. I like how megatron says "All will bow before me!" and "The resistance pointless!" That is a true Megatron right there.
    (That creep..)

  2. One shall stand…One shall fall
    how many times did i hear that?

  3. Graphics are a bit stiff & flat. But it's still more realistic than COD.

  4. Only one word can describe this video:

  5. 4:06 prime must be strong since that sword went through his spark

  6. i wish this game had a decepticon campaign

  7. Couple of things i wanna say about dis

    Megatron sword looks stupid

    They shouldve added the star and dark saber in the battle

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  9. OK so when megtron blows the Autobots base up smokescreen goes and recuse octums the hammer held octums but when he transformers he looks different he does not transformers he does not look like a truck to me and he can fly at the first season he coudid fly

  10. Nooooo!!! Megatron has been possessed Satsui No Hado and has made him unstoppable!!!!!

  11. I finished the battle against Megatron in 5 minutes precisely

  12. แก้ว เรืองขํา says:


  13. meu deus todos vocês bricam com tudo ate um vídeo

  14. Does anyone have a link to download this game for PC

    My first question should be:
    Is this game even available for PC

    Help me in any way you guys can.

  15. This fight had so much tension! Just EPIC

  16. I loved when Megatron combusted with that red fire.

  17. What’s up with megatons sword it’s all curved and everything

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