Transformers: Prime: The Game - Part 3 - Deserted -

Transformers: Prime: The Game – Part 3 – Deserted

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Welcome to my Transformers prime the game walkthrough and in this video we play as Bulkhead & complete Episode 3 – Deserted collecting all 3 artifacts,golden triangles and get ‘S’ Rank and we defeat Starscream!

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  1. Yes, the Decepticon Shielders don't have vehicle forms.

  2. Does someone else watch this series on TV?I watch:D

  3. i also watch transformers prime. and i'm looking foward to watching season 3. so far ur walkthrough's much better than others i've seen since the others never shut up and lose health real quickly like davetheusher. by the way phoenixmaster1, when will u upload the next part in the walkthrough?

  4. Thank you 🙂
    I'm also a big Transformers fan,i have played this game 2 times so i know where the enemies spawn and where the artifacts are.

    I will be uploading Part 4 today,i had my final exams so i didn't get time to upload,but now i have finished my exams so yeah!

  5. just out of curiosity who's ur favorite autobot from the show? mine's wheeljack

  6. about the favorite autobot, its not wheeljack but the newest member of team prime: ultra magnus

  7. BULK SMASH!!! Nice Vid. Good walkthrough. Keep up the good work.

  8. I've been watching the series & I love how consistent everything is.

  9. балхеееееееееееееееееееееед

  10. thanks i realy like the parts and i'm also a big transformers fan i realy like the shows but now the last episode has been shown and i miss the sieries theres  no more transformers prime episodes anymore

  11. excuse me…ummm…Part 2 of this walkthrough is saying it's not available in my country…please fix it or i am gonna hack your channel and delete it.

  12. Dlaczego nie moge obejrzeć odcinka 2 tej gry?Udostępnij go w polsce błagam chcę widziwec 2 misje

  13. Why is the second clip of the game blocked there is no reason for it


  15. One of my favorite levels, gave me a bayformers vibe.

  16. I had this game dont remember what i did with it

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