Transformers: Prime: The Game - Part 5 - Dark Envoy -

Transformers: Prime: The Game – Part 5 – Dark Envoy

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Welcome to my Transformers prime the game walkthrough and in this video we play as Optimus and complete Episode 5 – Dark Envoy collecting all 2 artifacts,golden triangles and get ‘S’ Rank and we defeat Thunderwing!

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  1. I have this game for the nintendo dsi trust me the ds graphics did not look like this

  2. You cut Megatron off in mid-sentence. He's not going to like that.

  3. is it just me or is Thunderwing's voice sound so unrealistic

  4. that was a bit rude when you cut megatron off cause hes so cray cray

  5. so is thunderwing one of unicrons followers or something?

  6. áaaaaaaaaaa medo 🚘🚗🚖🚙🚙

  7. Thunderwing haven't seen you since the IDW comics

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