Transformers: Prime: The Game - Part 7 - Into Ruin -

Transformers: Prime: The Game – Part 7 – Into Ruin

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Welcome to my Transformers prime the game walkthrough and in this video we play as Optimus Prime and complete Episode 7 – Into the Ruins collecting all 2 artifacts,golden triangles and get ‘S’ Rank!

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  1. 00:49
    Bulkhead: Wha?
    Optimus: SON, I AM DISSAPOINT.

  2. is it me does this bring back memories of TF ROTF

  3. in beast hunters deadlock he was killed by bumblebee

  4. Ok you know in transformers movies transformers are giagantic and tall well when optimus was in the temple the pillars were taller then him

  5. Why does the gameplay look like a ds transformers game (until dotm) but better?

  6. Annoying Decepticons? the solution is simple: trow them down a cliff XD

  7. Utter BS. Megatron is NOT that weak. D:
    Sorry. I'm just a sucker for the Dark Lord. 🙂

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