Transformers Prime: The Game - Starscream Multiplayer Gameplay in Energon Match w/ Commentary -

Transformers Prime: The Game – Starscream Multiplayer Gameplay in Energon Match w/ Commentary

Sooo Mungry
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In this multiplayer game we play as the Decepticon Starscream in the Energon Match game mode at Desert. Enjoy!

Multiplayer Playlist:

Campaign Playlist:



  2. a little tip for your next gameplay; try pressing the change form button (X) as soon as you hit the ground to recover in vehicle form.

  3. Hmm. Lord Starscream seems to be weak on endurance. Why then did the developers give him so many close range moves?… Ah well. at least there's a combo move that pushes enemies away from him.

  4. Starscream is my only lord and master!!!
    No one is better than him!!
    LOVE your vids so much!!!!

  5. Are you insinuating that high heels aren't cool?

  6. I wasn't so sure about you at first, but then you made that comment about Starscream and being cool.
    Now I am very sure about you.

  7. the only thing that this game lacked was a story mode for decepticons and some flying missions !

  8. I would of just ran it's what he does anyway

  9. starcream's the best i totally agree with his quote most cuz its truce btw u should make more dotm videos ur like the best dotm player

  10. Starscream is a girl but his voice is half boy half girl

  11. TFP Starscream isn't the coolest Decepticon ever. I dare to say he's one of the worst…

  12. TFP Screamer is probably the second best behind Armada Starscream.

  13. Use starscream,megaton,soundwave and bumblebee

  14. can you do knockout starscream soundwave and megatron

  15. hey man I love your video's, have you ever played minecraft on Xbox 360

  16. how do I get Eternal upgrade in the 3DS version

  17. I bet soundwave is silent because he's allways secretly watching sooomungry videos, thats where he learnt to say boo ya

  18. you're still making videos for this? if you still are, can you make bumblebee vs starscream video?

  19. Dr animo🐸 hex💀 flama negra🔥✴ star fight👊💥

  20. 0:32 I like how starscream references transformers 2 starscream

  21. Hey, do you know the short flash animation videos from the Transformers movie franchise made by Osro? You should see them, those videos are unique and very cool.
    This message is for Sooo Mungry, the creator of these videos.

  22. Starscream is my favourite deception and I think he would be
    a much better leader then Megatron.

  23. Soundwave is more superior than then that coward

  24. You are a Little peace of shit douche bag

  25. And Megatron is the True True True leader ever

  26. I love it so much how you said Starscream is the best Decepticon ever that makes me so happy because some people hate him😄😃😁

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