Transformers Prime: The Game - Wii U Multiplayer & 1080p HD Announced! -

Transformers Prime: The Game – Wii U Multiplayer & 1080p HD Announced!

Sooo Mungry
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Very excited for this Nintendo Wii-U game to be released. Remember to Thumbs Up and subscribe for TF Prime 😀

Watch TF Prime Campaign Here!

Watch TF Prime Multiplayer Here!

This gameplay is from Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Xbox 360)



(Live Stream)


  1. Well if you have a Wii you can get it still. The only thing is that Multiplayer is 2 player co-op and that's it. I was going to get the Wii version myself, but then I saw that there is more Multiplayer opions on Wii U. The Wii version looks pretty cool as well so just go ahead and get that one.

  2. I am more interested in the Wii U than the Xbox 720

  3. Its not another name for Dreadwing! They're two seperate characters, look it up!

  4. everytime i hear an american give a date it tilts me hard

  5. Oh yea I just noticed Nintendo Never makes a Game that has DLC…

  6. No,thunderwing was a mega pretender and one of the only decepticons chosen by the matrix.

  7. But they are. I watched the whole hour and ten minute E3 Wii U presentation, and they said that every time you buy something off of the store (E-store i think it's called) then you get points, which can be used for discounts on other dlc.

  8. Its a new character.His like a boss in the campain.

  9. i no, just sounded like you meant only wii u has multiplayer

  10. EXCELLENT. I wanna trash me some cons lol

  11. my xbox (europe) doesn't have new colours either

  12. heya, mungry. Mind doing a walkthrough when it comes out? i wana know if its worth a buy. Also, i'm pretty sure its only local multiplayer.

  13. dang does anyone know when gameplay is going to be released for this game. i want to see some already!!!!

  14. i saw Transformers Prime for wiiu it looks like full 1080p trash the game looks as good as the worst gamecube game

  15. well if the game was as fun as the plane flying in fall than ill get it. 🙂

  16. you saw a beta stage that your childish mind seems to use as an excuse because you are another fool who simply cant get over himself and true video gaming.

  17. the game is a nintendo wii port it looks like shit high def shit i love video games and i know for a fact the wiiu wont do much for gaming

  18. You haven't even seen the HD dumbshit. Why are you so stupid? I could say Gran Turismo 6 isn't in HD but that would be just as stupid as your bullshit comment. Only developers have seen the updated graphics. You are just a sad shit fanboy for even commenting on something that stupid. Wii U won't do much for gaming. You're talking about the ripoff counterparts like Smartglass and Vita re-purposed. Sorry buddy, if it didn't do much for gaming Sony and MS wouldn't have copied it.

  19. the wii did nothing for gaming nothing at all they sold a shit load of hardware yes but there software sales were fucking trash end of story

  20. "The Wii did nothing for gaming." Seriously why are you still spamming me with pathetic replies like that. Doesn't matter if you didn't like it, there's reasons it took some games on the Wii around 5 years for the price to lower. Because people would still buy great games even if they're old. If it didn't do anything for gaming then what, your bullshit Sony Move and Kinect don't exist? Sorry buddy, you gotta live in reality. If it didn't expand gaming every rival wouldn't have copied it.

  21. I can't wait for the Wii U! I hope you will profil your promise, as always, and upload these videos! Don't worry, I'll be patient!

  22. I suppose the villains back then was supposed to lose at the very end of every episode lolol rofl rofl.

  23. Ikr that wasnt all that annoyed me it was how stupidly they lose, eg the dinobots smashed through megatrons "impenetrable" force field with pure ease, thus deafening megaton

  24. True, Dinobot's are the shit! Just telling for sure, it means they're are awesome.

  25. fair enough XD, we need to do like a wfc vid where we both kick arse as the titain online XD

  26. You mean which one's better? FoC has a better campaign but WFC has a better Multiplayer and Escalation.

  27. I agree completly, i ment which 1 to do the vid on XD

  28. WFC. Then after some months, FoC lolol rofl rofl.

  29. Prime is by far the worst instalment in the series.

  30. no it was the second best FoC is best Animated was by far the worst

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