Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box Game System -

Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box Game System

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It costs $50 and it comes with one Transformer. Additional figures cost $7 each. It’s like Skylanders for preschoolers.


  1. Might get this. oooh

  2. Are you trying to tell me Digimon is BAD? IT'S MY FAVORITE ANIME!

  3. Yup digimon is a copy and a bad replica of Pokemon with all the "monsters" names ending in "mon"

  4. Skylanders Rip off! Get ur own ideas! Skylanders did it first!

  5. Can 12 year olds use this cause I like transformers and this is cool

  6. Good thing it's not HD cuz I just saved myself $50-$90.  Thanks Hasbro!  You make this easy to save with SD and composite cables.

  7. I'd rather let my son play Xbox…better graphics, no cords and for $90 you can grab at least 2-3 good games to play.  Pass.

  8. I got my son one for 15 it's not worth 50 it's cool for a lil bit but if they had at least more games it would hold my son long he's 5 but I wish if you brought the other figures they had mor games on each

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  10. love it! subscribed and liked. Please check out our channel too!!

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