Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - PSP - #14. Revenge Of The Fallen [Auto] -

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – PSP – #14. Revenge Of The Fallen [Auto]

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Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – PSP – #14. Revenge Of The Fallen [Auto]

In High Def. My first time playing through this game, missions played on Normal difficulty.

Ash’s Tools
PSP slim Streamed with Remotejoylite, recorded with fraps, a male to male audio cable for sound with a USB CH audio device, and sony vegas pro 8 for my editing.

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  1. @blackops100000 what was a good version? even the movie was awful. tf1 and tf3 were sooooooooooooooooo much better

  2. you using a cheat . the fallen shot is really damaged for u

  3. @killerdude1908 no u. how can you possibly say the second was the best? the second had very little storyline to it, the entire movie focused on action instead of plot, and the jokes weren't funny. in any way. i have no positive feelings towards this movie.

  4. @killerdude1908 why do you even bother with "no offence", if you clearly mean offence? moron. no, the second one was not the only good one. it was the only mediocre one. first one, awesome. lots of backstory and action, along with continuing story. same with the third. here is the sum of the second one: this one decepticon was at earth a long time ago to harvest the sun. now hes back. fight. the end. use your brain. i know you have one, but im not sure if it works.

  5. @killerdude1908 just consider what i've said. its terrible.

  6. @killerdude1908 oh you're so full of shit. and look at you, starting a fight because you know you're safe behind your computer screen. and lastly, no, you won't fuck me up because we will never meet. so to finish this, gtfo. and if you reply, i'll say it again. GTFO.

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  8. @killerdude1908 oohhhhh the big boy knows a bad word! thats not good. trollolololol! kid, shut up already. your inferior intelligence is no match for mine.

  9. @killerdude1908 and wait, what? you're looking at my channel? stalking me now? what are you, gay? nigga, i ain't gay.

  10. @killerdude1908 says the one who started this shit! and don't even think about saying that i did, because YOU replied to MY comment you fucking dumbass. and what did you reply with? "FUCK YOU" so you know what? i'm going to KEEP replying because you need to shut the fuck up, and i'm just going to troll you until you do. also, what the hell are you going to do now that i replied? JACK SHIT.

  11. @killerdude1908 for the last time. shut the fuck up. you specifically are the one that needs to calm down because–as a good example–you started all of this with capitals. i only put capitals to emphasize important parts. you put capitals to yell at me through a computer, which does nothing. and no, not all of the movies were alright. going to the origin of this stupid argument, the second one sucked. and if you want to reply, at least TRY to max out your comment size, like me.

  12. @killerdude1908 nah. i will comment you into submission!

  13. @killerdude1908 see? thats you still trying to get the last word, so it feels like you won. not gonna work here 🙂

  14. @killerdude1908 and do you seriously not know what submission is? SO YOU ARE A KID!! HA I KNEW IT

  15. i have th exact same gme on psp itscrap ucanteen transform

  16. The Fallen is known as Megatronus Prime

  17. also, i am 1, delighted to know that i said something that made you rage lol, and 2, wondering why you are so angry for no reason. please, tell me.

  18. because your just bothering someone because you dont like the version or something i say he was correct to be mad at you and me dumbfuck

  19. no you can ive a life you dont im not gay your are bitchy bitch

  20. i don't even bother reading your retardedass comments, because after skimming them , you make stupid claims about how 1 i have gay porn on my channel, and to anybody watching this argument, look at my channel. hey what do you know, there's a few portal videos, and a video of a bird. because, portal is gay porn, clearly.

  21. Did anyone else notice that the guy who was taping this wasn't taking any damage at all? WTF…

  22. dude… droopah… after skimming this argument… I have to tell you.. be ashamed of yourself… be very very ashamed of yourself… obviously that bloodmaster guy is a mentally challenged kid… you should just agree with him and say… ''yeah, maybe so"
    you're a good boy bloodmaster, yes you are.

  23. que juego tan estupido no tiene graficas la mierda esa tio mete verdaderos juegos no esa basura

  24. Ps2 is kinda better then this-this sucks badly

  25. im so exited im gonna get transformers dark of the moon game on PS3 on july 2013

  26. Story, music and characters (story not needed, as mhfu was a great game with no story) and gameplay.

  27. This game is the worst load of fucking bullshit. I've never played a game THIS fucking awful. This sucks actual asshole. Fuck.

  28. as a kid.I enjoyed this game a lot….I remember beating the whole game

  29. Such a shitty game but so fucking hard! The PS3 version is so much better, you can't even transform in this.

  30. I liked this when I was playing as megatron against the fallen

  31. Me transformers biggest fan 💪🙋🙌🙆👍

  32. Lo acabo de terminar hoy. Gran juego y de mis favoritos de PSP OwO. Tiene una dificultad algo retadora que me a encantado uwu

  33. I came back here after watching Again the 6 movies of transformers

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