Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Grimlock Gameplay -

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – Grimlock Gameplay

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Some gameplay of Grimlock in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. Me Grimlock!

Transformers Rise of The Dark Spark Gameplay
Transformers Rise of The Dark Spark Grimlock Gameplay


  1. Why didn't they have Earth Grimlock on multiplayer? That would've been AWSOME.

  2. This proves now that if a Transformers game is not made by High Moon then we probably shouldn't play it

  3. Both Grimlock AND Drift look and sound terrible!

  4. High Moon Studios have better graphics than this but other wise the game is pretty good

  5. would've been cool if he'd be able to swallow the decepticons

  6. This game makes me feel real dissapointment

  7. Name something more beautiful than that, a giant robot dinosaur killing everything. Childhood dream

  8. its just not the same without the movie voice actors

  9. the only complaint i have is that he transformed into robot mode when dino mode is far better

  10. 1:48 that's not lockdown's titan, it's Activision's laziness to change the Fucking look of the enemies. Every game from Transformers 2 to DOTM game had this same drone

  11. this grimlock sucks the grimlock from Foc was my favorite

  12. this grimlock would get shreked by the one in f.o.c right?

  13. This Grimlock looks small compare to the Fall of Cybertron.

  14. Optimus:"Well done Grimlock"
    Proceed to jump over the gap instead of using the bridge Grimlock made for them

  15. Fall of Cybertron is a fantastic game, but watering it down and reskinning it with early concept designs for Age of Extinction doesn't work.
    If they're ever going to revisit the idea of a movie game, they need to start from the ground up. The tank gameplay is fine on cybertron, but it defeats the purpose of using earth cars, that stuff has to be designed like a need for speed game when you turn into a car.
    And for the love of god, at least make the robots look like their movie designs.

  16. I had a WTF moment when Grimlock couldn't squish a container with his mighty foot when he showed up

  17. When i played FOC,i already knew Grimlock was gonna be badass.The Grimlock in this game really disappointed me.The game could have been so much better.

  18. I don’t like this Version of grimlock i miss the good old g1 grim😁

  19. Anyone thought of godzilla 2014's controls (dino) from the 2014 game?

  20. In the game it looks more like a albertosaurus than a tyrannosaurus :/

  21. This is grimlock from FoC reskinned horrible XD

  22. dopeeeeeee!!! im so glad they put grimlock in this game, and they kinda made him look like he did in age of extinction to. cool

  23. Is he actually sliding instead of walking? I mean look how he walks

  24. In all honesty even the transformation into Trex form looks bad I prefer foc one they could have kept that at least he'll grimlock doesn't even talk just grunts they could have done a lot better but they based they material on the movie and used things from foc that were familiar with instead of new things in it story was confusing and all over the place designs could have been better they just rushed the whole damn thing and another thing why Base the on aoe knowing it's one of the bad transformers movie that's just my opinion the first 3 was okay but after Shia LaBeouf left it fell down hill fast

  25. I love gridlock he's my favorite transformer

  26. HatesoLowliesNotasDelichousasPastries says:

    He looks like an early test version of the movie version, his fight animation is just copied from foc his transformation isn't finished. Also you can just stay in Dino form forever which makes his robot form useless.
    But it was fun to kill stuff as foc grimlock again.

  27. Imagine if a transformers cybertron game had the mechanics of forza horizon when you transform lol

  28. A knee high object is an impassable obstacle? Lol I hate games like this! He crushes enemy transformers like cardboard cutouts but can’t kick over, crush/ squash or even move a sea container, bus or trailer lol what a lazy piece of shit game

  29. the huge enemy from 1:48 is literally the same model from Transformers Revenge of The Fallen The Video Game, the only thing that they did different was to give him the animations and gun from the Titans from FoC, at least on RoTF he used his rocked pods.

  30. He doesn’t look amazing but his gameplay is fun af


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