TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark Reveal Trailer -

TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark Reveal Trailer

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TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark reveal trailer.
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  1. I really hate that Hasbro pushes out rushed games with Playstation 2 graphic rendering right before any Transformers movie releases.

  2. Looks too cartoonish for a transformer game

  3. High moon helped out with this cause this look exactly like war/fall of cybertron which isn't bad cause I love those games

  4. So age of extinction is no longer here? .-. I say age of extint ftw!

  5. The 'Formers look like a cross between FoC and bayformers.

  6. Oh great another movie tie in game well at least their brave enough to advertise it.

  7. Doesn't look awful, but I'm holding out hope that the Next-Gen title High Moon is currently working on will be a proper sequel to the Cybertron games rather than a movie tie-in.

  8. I am gonna buy this….awesome…

  9. Hopefully they made the right choice and put co op back on

  10. Not all developers focus on graphics this game could have a really amazing story and awesome game play so stop whining about graphics

  11. this looks too similar to michael bays transformers. no thanks

  12. Not a good story mode will be included I'm afraid. I just know it.

  13. Is this the game to the upcoming movie or is this a good Transformers game like War and Fall of Cybertron?

  14. Wow. Those graphics though. So much for using PS4 hardware.

  15. LP Until it's gone? Really! There are better LP songs!

  16. This music is from saints row 4 from a mission when u collect batteries to kill somebody

  17. Awesome theme,but horrendous game. Why did they leave high moon?

  18. I wish they bring back high moon studios and make a game on about how this transformers war started

  19. vaya mierda de juego el transformer 3 en la ps3 tiene más gráficos

  20. Oh even the trailer wasn't as good as those of the previous games

  21. This or the dark of the moon one? (i have the ones from high moon).

  22. If anyone still play escalation on this game my game tag is OmegaOverlord_1

  23. Coloque. O jogo de volta a loja de graça pq aí vai que algums querem joga

  24. I like the guns animations becos they are more intence

  25. Bro I have this game I finished this last year bro

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