Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Review -

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – Review

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A good Transformers game has good transforming and good robot-blasting. Rise of the Dark Spark has neither.


  1. Which Xbox 360 Transformers game has the most fun Co-op Horde-like mode with waves of enemies (not co-op campaign)?

  2. I agree with the graphics side however I really enjoyed this games campaign and escalation is also fun. I think you went a bit too harsh with this review. The thing that kept me playing was in all honesty the ranking system.

  3. So was this a Fall or Cybertron sequel or an Age of Extinction tie in?

  4. I regret buying this game, this game is a game where you play for 30 minutes and don't play for another year or 2.

  5. I'm gonna stick with fall of cybertron and hope for a remaster for xb1 or PS4 as I myself would like to see high moon the best transformers Devs at work making great games as we all know fall of cybertron is the best because of actual multiplayer and not just the escalation crap (as you can tell I don't really like it)

  6. this game was really lazy, they never even made pvp multiplayer a thing like in foc and woc

  7. I thought transformers games were supposed to get better after the last one but nope we get a lazy game after the best game FOC Edge of reality really screwed up still better than the 2016 ghostbusters game

  8. Does this game have an open world too? Continue to play even at the end of the campaign?

    8Caps lock was on, won`t edit, because its still bullshit)

  10. I think the Cybertron levels are good. obviously not as good as war for Cybertron and fall of Cybertron but i enjoy them

  11. Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark is the worst transformers game

  12. The story make no sense tbh they should have only focused on one contunuity because Alligned and the the bayverse do not connect

  13. it is official never let Trafromers in the hand of anyone but Highmoon

  14. there is optimus prime and more boss fights in escalation but he saied there isnt boss fight

  15. One of the worst Transformers Games. That being said, I still somewhat enjoyed it!

  16. lol “well designed maps”? I have glitched out of 2 of em, and been stuck in walls in another.

  17. Transformers rise of the dark spark it's a good game don't lissen to him lissen to a fan of transformers so this game is good

  18. This game was a HOT MOLTEN mess without High Moon Studios, way to go Activision.

  19. This game is not that bad. it just needs improvement. Escalation is does have boss battles

  20. this game was never suppose to be made fall of cybertron was amazing and doesn't deserve this awful sequel

  21. High Moon should've been the ones to make the game. Maybe then it might've turned out better.

  22. If only they didn't use high moons models and actually written the story better the game would have been ok instead of bad

  23. Naaah and your first statement is already wrong. Story is important

  24. Why couldn’t Transformers rise of the dark spark just be a cybertron game with unicron included and that you get to use Optimus to use the power of the matrix of leadership to destroy unicron and the story can be between Fall of cybertron and War for Cybertron

  25. So this is why the game is still used on eBay for $100 bucks????

  26. I have the game and this is really focusing on all the bad things, and plus you over exaggerate everything. if i was to rate it, it would be 7/10

  27. Highly disagree with this review it's one of the best transformer games in my opinion

  28. I hate new generation Transformers Game Because Cannot Free Roam!!!

  29. I like Rise of the dark Spark, and you can't change my mind!

  30. I mean the game isn't that bad the cough cough escalation has improved

  31. I can't find any Transformers games on the PS Store.

  32. If feel this dude hates anything transformers anyway

  33. This and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game were great !!!

  34. only parts i liked were the cybertron parts.

  35. Man , I was getting sOoO excited about this game then everyone in the comments saying that is not made by high moon Studios, 😑😣 I still wanna get this game bc what else is there , No more movies till ages, no more games that are available.😪

  36. Did he just promoted hiding characther on the multiplayer

  37. So what would this guy say about war for Cybertron and fall for Cybertron because I'm going to play those first

  38. If this was called Call of Duty Rise Of The Dark Spark you would’ve given it an 8/10

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