Transformers - The Game - Autobots Cut Scenes part 3 -

Transformers – The Game – Autobots Cut Scenes part 3

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Collection of cut scenes, Autobots part 3.
Taken from Transformers The Game, PC version.


  1. @MulToyVerse Well Frank Welker will ALWAYS be Megatron. No matter how many different people they get, they will NEVER take that away from him.

  2. decepticons ur leader has returned NAP GET THE FUCK HERE CU SI GOTTS TO GO PEE PEE

  3. @thePUNKbitches who's whining? Yes its 2011, thx for pointing that out. To truly appreciate the new remakes and updated version of things you must also appreciate where it came from. The G1 Transformers cartoon will NEVER be forgotten, and it will never lose its fan base. You probably were first introduced to Transformers when you saw Bay's movie so you wouldn't understand.

  4. @thePUNKbitches I used to feel the same, until I saw DRSMOOV. He made CGI videos of G1 characters on Youtube & they look dynamite. A little crude, but with more work, they could look great on the big screen. Now I don't mind giving the Transformers a new look. They been re-designed for each new series. But I think they all look bad, especially the live-action films. The best new design I seen for the originals is in the new game War For Cybertron. The story & characters are far superior as well.

  5. Okay, Bumblebee sees the probe comming from a distance and he just lets it go right past him. He doesn't bother shooting at it while it's still apporaching his way. What the hell…

  6. lol at 1:35, megatron starts randomly shooting

  7. roflmao @ megatrons voice. Fail. Random shooting at 1:36 LOL.

  8. man i bought this from gamestop for 20$ for the ps3, i looked on the back and im like oh this gunna be fucking sick. i play the game. WTF? peace of shit

  9. 1:33 that sounds like Arnold saying " Decepticon …. GET OUT OF CHOPPAAAA"

  10. megatrons voice sounded very close to Krulos from dino riders- yep… I totally remember dino-riders

  11. 0:38 you'd think after the first time Bee would just smash those things rather than watch them roll happily by -.-'

  12. @victorianhorror this is a game not a movie so think before you talk

  13. @Boomation it is frank welker voicing megatron, he did the voice over in the games -V-

  14. tjats what megatron should sound like but hes voice is odder than hell in rotf the game

  15. @ArmodrilloExpert5000 he is probably a g1 fanboy, ignore him

  16. thumbs up if you saw megatrons head move at 0:59

  17. @PurpleStorm8 It's not i played it's perfet just because he fucked graphics somehow O.o

  18. @mantas771 Oh…probably played on PC or DS.

  19. from the first game.
    Played it.
    you need to keep megatron frozen for as long as possible while the cube gets smaller.

  20. i loved how back then these were amazing grafics now…they suck

  21. I already played this game on my PS2 a long time ago.
    Why do I need to watch it again?

  22. They used Frank Weller's voice in the game… That was truly pathetic though. He was much better in G1.

  23. Man megatron didn't sleep that well, i guess

  24. @pepperninja You must be blind I saw it at 1:01

  25. Wait..! He didn't move at 0:59.BuddY. He dit it sometime near 1:02

  26. I do like the fact megatron missed a bumblebee standing completely still and two humans like storm trooper aim bro

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