Transformers: The Game - Decepticon Campaign - PART 15 - Insane Megatron - BroBrahs -

Transformers: The Game – Decepticon Campaign – PART 15 – Insane Megatron – BroBrahs

Sooo Mungry
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Welcome to episode 15 of the Decepticon campaign of Transformers The Game! Remember to Thumbs Up, Favorite and Subscribe for more!

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  1. If i could use a cheat code in real life It world be make infinite money xD

  2. you need to get a little more focused instead of talking a lot try and pay attention to what your doing 

  3. Actually Eric, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of Stupidity….
    Sorry Mungry

  4. You're gonna hate the next part if you're an OP fan, Mungry. In his 'boss fight' he's a massive coward, running away and sending little midgets after you guys.

  5. Wait a minute, so this is something like MungryBrahs, because it's you and Eric, but you post them on your channel, Mungry, and you don'[t swear, you only use adult references!?

  6. Ratchet scrubbing Optimus' back while Megatron takes out half of the city LOL

  7. Go Megatron Go destruction Go Decepticons Boo AutoBot Boo No destruction Boo Optimus Prime im tyranus the leader of Helghast

  8. This is the first transformers game right?

  9. why do you like to try to destroy a whole lot of stuff😞

  10. Man I loved this game when i was younger. Until my Video and Sound Cord broke 🙁

  11. are you playing the Wii version, if so what are the cheat codes?

  12. thanks so much i didn't know how to do the last part!

  13. Are you insoleing megatron or the optise??

  14. cmon BABIES cant take a lost? then how did I beat this game like 10 times when I was 11? im not kidding… cheat codes are for BIG BABIES!

  15. I thought you used infinite health to beat Ironhide with blackout.

  16. I don't know who cause more destruction, Megatron or that Autobot Drone with Spinning Hook

  17. This was the battle of the centrurie Megatron vs Autobot Drones

  18. so sooo mungry… I have a riddle
    Im a helicopter
    Im in the forest battle scene of rotf
    My toy character is hard o find
    i get my face ripped in half
    who am i?

  19. The video would be better if you guys are quiet so I can focus more in the game rather than hearing your conversation that nobody wants to hear

  20. I wanna focus more in the game. Not in you guys talking

  21. maannn who here in 2020?!?! misss their childhooodd??!!!

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