Transformers The Game - Gameplay PS2 (PS2 Games on PS3) -

Transformers The Game – Gameplay PS2 (PS2 Games on PS3)

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Transformers The Game – Gameplay PS2 (PS2 Games on PS3)

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Enjoy PS2 games on old FAT PS3 which have PS2 chip built in for backwards compatibility.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card
*some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

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  1. i still play i just bought ps2 before yesterday xD
    im playing need for speed and mid night test drive alot of games

  2. This was the best transformer game ever made when I was little and who ever is playing this shit your trash

  3. Damn I never actually played the missions I just goofed around

  4. I'm surprised how this game looks compared to the ps3 version it's close ,but the only difference is colors are little washed out and the models are little different ,definitely the faces but with all that I'm surprised the fps kept up very well with all those destruction on the PS2 .

  5. Fun Fact : i play this game on my ps2 everytime i play this game i always press start again and again when bumblebee transform into a car lolol

  6. I used to beg my brother to play this on his ps2

  7. I miss this game but I remember the graphics being better

  8. The memories i used to play this gane everyday i would do anything to play this game again

  9. The barricade boss always scared me as a kid. The flailing arms and the fact that he was a boss and that the first missions were hard. I eventually beat him and it felt so good

  10. After watching this, im now gonna start my old ps2 and play this again

    Screw my ps4 for now

  11. When I was little I used to play this game all day everyday

  12. Is this game available to buy on the ps3 right now!?!


  14. Me and my cousin used to just destroy buildings instead of missions

  15. And I thought these graphics were the shit as a kid

  16. I had this game So Old years ago when I had my first console ps2 It was a exciting That game was my childhood

  17. I loved this game so much, I regret giving it to my cousin who broke it😢

  18. I wish the new games would let you free roam like this game, and stay in normal car mode. It's just so annoying how limited the new games are now.

  19. I was like 5 or 6 when I played this game on the PS2 2010 I need to get a new PS2 (not the PS4 but the good old play station 2)

  20. I used to play this game all the time when I was younger

  21. I would actually legit play this again

  22. the mission where its blackout vs ironhide I was stuck on that level for years Lmao

  23. The only game that activision didn’t put any micro transactions

  24. I remember this game. For some reason I remember the graphics being so good

  25. Is it me or were the graphics more realistic than this cause I used to play this and I don't remember the graphics being this shitty

  26. Onde eu consigo esse jogo ,where i buy the game

  27. who else tried everything they could to kill a pedestrian

  28. It's been 12 years…. this was my childhood in a game

  29. bro your so bad go practice in fornite or other game noob

  30. I wish I could find the game and play it once more… For old times sake

  31. I remember playing this game when it came out and I thought it was so fun to just drive around destroying everything 😂 I don’t think I ever finished the game. Watching this made me miss the hours of fun I had playing this game!

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