Transformers: The Game (Opening Cinematic) - Xbox 360 PS3 -

Transformers: The Game (Opening Cinematic) – Xbox 360 PS3
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Transformers: The Game (Multi)
The opening cinematic, created by effects house Blur.


  1. the first transformers game was awesome hope this is the same and better….. can't wait for the movie to come out soon too..

  2. holy shit i cant wait until i get that game!! bumblebee look so sexy there!! XD

  3. but if you get transformers for ds you can jump and transform ps.i have it

  4. you can only play bumblebee,jazz,ironhide and optimus prime in the autobot campaign in the dicepticon campaign you can only play blackout,barricade,starscream,scorponoc(a close ally of blackout) and megatron

  5. lol bumblebbee pwns starscream and barricade in this

  6. crap game. amazing transformation animations in the game though, I'll give them that. and why can't you play as Devastator? the big bad tank? I felt cheated with that ;P

  7. Too bad it overheated. Theirs no point in trusting M$, everything they have is shit.

  8. The tank is : Brawl.
    The helicopter is : Blackout.

  9. yo tengo el juego para ps2 esta bien chido
    se los recomiendo

  10. at 1:14 why did it look like ironhide was shooting jazz and ratchet was throwing a car at him?

    wow the cutscenes are so good but the game itself is so bad

  11. Hahaha,lol.they should do that as a bonus scene in the next movie.

  12. man, screw that, in the movie, they really ass raped some of the robot names and their appearances. Personally, I think G1 ruled all. good ol' 80s.

    and they should've kept the original personalities rather that the new ones, the old school style didn't suit the movie is what they say, but it would've turned out awesome, would've been such a change to see a movie entirely based upon the cartoon personalities. That could've been an unique as well as the beautiful side of the movie.

  13. Записи стримов ArtGamesLP says:

    Desepticons rules!!!!!

  14. This game sucked, and was nothing but another way of milking money. There was absolutely no soul or effort put into the game. Easily one of the most boring and aggravating games i have ever played. Games like this shouldn't be allowed to be released to be honest. Its cheating kids of their money.

  15. The name of tank is Brawl!
    Devastator is the name of the junction of seven Decepticons: Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Hasbro, Paramount, Mixmaster and Hook.

  16. is it sad that the ds versions of these games are better than the technologically superior home systems? well, atleast there is a good game from the first transformers live action movie…

  17. @15Nemisisprime It's hard to talk about transformers because of the various versions that it has. Be movie, comic and animated series. In two recent movies, I'm sure Bonecruscher part of Devastator.
    See Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and pay attention, you'll notice.

  18. 1:41 Swan dive into the worst ass kicking of your life

  19. I wish they made this game with a good physics engine and good combat physics. We need that shit man.

  20. graphics in this trailer are better that tf3 game

  21. paramount?hook?hasbro?more like overload,scavenger and ….im not sure whats the last one called

  22. Right!
    Devastator's a mix of-
    Scavenger+Scrapper+Hightower+Long Haul+Rampage+Overload+Mixmaster and there's no character called Hook. And Bonecrusher ins't there in devastator!!!Sandro's soo wrong!!!

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