Transformers: The Game PlayStation 3 Review - Video Review -

Transformers: The Game PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review

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  1. this game was great for its time in my opinion

  2. I loved this game when I was little….never got past the second mission though

  3. I really loved the game because I could play a campaign as the Decepticons and not just a Autobots only campaign game.

    My Rating – 7/10

  4. TRANFORMERS 1 XBOX 360 PS3 V2 "5 2020)😀😀

  5. IDK how i enjoyed it when i was a kid. I re installed it just today and it was crap. uninstalled it right away.

  6. I am from the futuure, this game is no longer sold by major retailers unfortunately

  7. im just here for the nostalgia man I miss my ps3T~T

  8. This game brings me so much delightful memories as a child

  9. how do you power slide on trans former on ps3

  10. This was the best!! And I remember when you play as Bumblebee in that facility. Megatron was frozen and it was sooo scary to me as a kid that he was there! and those missions were fun. In fact press Triangle to transform was AWESOME! Every single transformers game after that dissapointed me in that regard. You rarely transformed in the rest. Also I loved Decepticons playing as Starscream. The iconic fight Bumblebee vs his nemesis can't remember his name tho. 10/10 for nostalgia remake pls

  11. looks like the ps2 edition no difference

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