Transformers: The Game PlayStation 3 Review - Video Review -

Transformers: The Game PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review

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  1. It's not as fun as the Godzilla games for Xbox , GameCube or PS2.

  2. Overall the 2nd game of this (which is obviously based off "Transformer revenge of the fallen") is horrible for me.I mean WHAT THE HELL IS A TRANSFORMERS GAME WHERE YOU CAN'T TRANSFORM!?!?

  3. Sorry I was talking about the PS2 version not the PS3/Xbox 360 version.

  4. (as what I said on another comment) I never noticed that there's two different versions:one for the PS2 and then there's the Xbox 360,PS3 version.I own the PS2 version,they're completely different.

  5. Like I said before.The PS2 and Xbox 360/PS3 versions are different.
    The PS2 version isn't even the same game!It's a "hack n' slash" game.And the only way to transform is a powerup and you can't even drive that vehicle!It's just a damn attack!

  6. I actually played this game a few years ago. I absolutely loved it!

  7. It's a movie game, what did you expect? This game is actually a success if you use that perspective.

  8. Yeah Me Too. it is acctually really varried and fun. 9/10

  9. I got this game on the PSP when it came out bout 1yr later for $5 new at Best Buy. It sucked and I traded my friend for Ridge Racer. I had a PS2 at that time but i wanted some PSP games to play on the go. Any suggestions?

  10. i love this game when i was a kid it was awsome on my old ps2 slim !!

  11. on the ds one you can make your guy and scan cars to get them.Can you do that on the ps3?

  12. 3:04 reads title Transformers: The Game Playstation 3 Review – Video Review. Lol the title is a lie. He's using an xbox.

  13. This game is so much better on the ds version tbh.

  14. @999haloman I know I used to be obsessed with this game

  15. He made a great point with the guns. 20 foot tall robots with 5 foot guns that can level whole cities, but more than half my enemies are impervious to them. I hated that.

  16. I liked it because of:
    *Open world
    *Fun missions

  17. do they still sell this game for ps3? i had it for ps2 but i sold my ps2.

  18. I absolutely loved this game when I was 8 it was DA best

  19. i think was the best tranformers game ever…don't get me wrong..the another transformers games are very good…but this ones was great!!…greets!

  20. this game was my favorite from any other transformers game

  21. i give it a 8/10 and v v played it since I was 4/5

  22. 6 years later
    In 2017
    I want a remake of this game on the PS4 and Xbox1

  23. This was on xbox 360 or at least part of it because look at the botton of the screen at 3:04

  24. I don't know why but in this game there is no RATCHET


  26. This whole open world thing is so unnecessary, because the game is incredibly short, and the side missions are just there just to pad out the game even more.

  27. looks like the ps2 edition no difference

  28. This was the best!! And I remember when you play as Bumblebee in that facility. Megatron was frozen and it was sooo scary to me as a kid that he was there! and those missions were fun. In fact press Triangle to transform was AWESOME! Every single transformers game after that dissapointed me in that regard. You rarely transformed in the rest. Also I loved Decepticons playing as Starscream. The iconic fight Bumblebee vs his nemesis can't remember his name tho. 10/10 for nostalgia remake pls

  29. how do you power slide on trans former on ps3

  30. This game brings me so much delightful memories as a child

  31. im just here for the nostalgia man I miss my ps3T~T

  32. I am from the futuure, this game is no longer sold by major retailers unfortunately

  33. IDK how i enjoyed it when i was a kid. I re installed it just today and it was crap. uninstalled it right away.

  34. TRANFORMERS 1 XBOX 360 PS3 V2 "5 2020)😀😀

  35. I really loved the game because I could play a campaign as the Decepticons and not just a Autobots only campaign game.

    My Rating – 7/10

  36. I loved this game when I was little….never got past the second mission though

  37. this game was great for its time in my opinion

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