Transformers: The Game - Xbox 360 / Ps3 Gameplay (2007) -

Transformers: The Game – Xbox 360 / Ps3 Gameplay (2007)

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Transformers: The Game – Xbox 360 / Ps3 Gameplay (2007)


Transformers: The Game is the name of multiple versions of a video game based on the 2007 live action film Transformers, all of which were released in North America in June 2007. Home console and PC versions were developed by Traveller’s Tales for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3 and PC. A different PlayStation Portable version was developed by Savage Entertainment.

Transformers Autobots and Transformers Decepticons are the Nintendo DS versions of Transfomers: The Game. Vicarious Visions, who was tasked with bringing the adaptation to the Nintendo DS, chose to adapt the DS version into two separate games.Autobots follows the heroes’ perspective while Decepticons follows the villains’. Unlike games with multiple SKUs such as Pokémon which feature only minor differences between versions, these are two separate games, sharing some basic similarities, but with unique characters, missions and locations.

The game (in all its versions) is mainly a third-person action-shooter. All the robots have at least five attack types: a light weapon, a heavy weapon, a melee attack, and the ability to throw objects such as cars, lamp posts, trees, etc., and using a long object like a lamp post as a sword. As its title and characters imply, a robot can transform into a vehicle and vice versa, this gives the game some racing elements, as the player must, in some missions, race to certain point within a time limit or before a character of the opposing faction does. Each area is an open world environment, and there are also side-missions, Energon cubes and Autobot/Decepticon emblems scattered through the city, if accomplished successfully/collected the player can unlock trailers, production photos and unlock color schemes for certain characters.

Recorded by Elgato Game Capture HD


  1. this is my childhood i always had to turn down the loud ass intro lol, i wanted to change my name to bumblebee when i grew up back then. i miss that. i also remember playing the super futuristic other xbox 360 transformers game i’ll edit it when i found the name.

    edit: it’s fall of the cybertron i remember chapter 1 so well

  2. i remember when my dad rented this for me at hollywood video. good times lol

  3. I remember there’s a donut shop and i grabbed the donut from on top and walked around with it lol

  4. Michael bay couldn’t make anything like this.

  5. This game was my childhood. I grew up playing this game

  6. Eu quero esse jogo dos Transformers 3D!

  7. this game is the only reason i would buy a 360 again

  8. These transformers game were great I loved war for cybertron the multiplayer was pretty good too

  9. I always played the first level cause I just love the first bumblebee car

  10. sabe oq falta em voce garoto humildade kkkkkk se escreve no meu canal ✌

  11. Best Transformers Game ever made. Not because of nostalgia. Because all the other games where absolute shit

  12. Haven’t thought about this game till now, it’s been like a decade since I’ve seen it, super nostalgic looking at it now

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