Transformers Universe Game Trailer 2014 - #TestYourMetal -

Transformers Universe Game Trailer 2014 – #TestYourMetal

Transformers Universe
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Transformers Universe is a 3rd person MOBA packed with intense PVP action as the Autobots and Decepticons go head to head across multiple maps and game modes.

Now we’re in Open BETA, jump straight into the game with your friends and experience evolving team combat strategies as you take on players from around the world.

Sign-up for free today and experience all that intense combat that Transformers Universe has to offer.


  1. A very good trailer even if may not turn out ,but it something.

  2. I am clicking the link but it sends me to a Hasbro website with Transformers toys. Is it because the game is BETA and you are shutting the website to make it non-beta?

  3. What makes me sad is that I found out about this game and became interested in it AFTER it already shut down. GDI, why's all the good stuff come around when I'm not paying attention?!!

  4. why the game is shut down ? ? ? pls tell me ?

  5. This game was a blast. I really hope one day someone will revive it like what fans did with ToonTown rewritten…

  6. Why did they shut it down?! I fucking loved this game!!!

  7. i hope some cool nice transformers comes in female

  8. Could have been the best Transformers game of all time, but they shut the damn thing down.

  9. Such a shame that this game got cancelled right after its official release.

  10. My god the music is

    Amazing, anyone know the song?

  11. If it doesn't have the Transformers Sound Effect it's Gobot's.

  12. Hey Hasbro did you remember again 2008 this had a Transformers Universe had the same name you could have just do it as a other word like age of Extinction or something like that

  13. I remember having so much fun with this game. RIP 😢

  14. It really sucks that the game was shut down especially cause it takes place before the events of tfp

  15. What a shame that they canceled this game

  16. BRING THIS GAME BACK!! It had SO MUCH potential man..

  17. I remember watching this trailer in the early days of 2014. I was a Fresh grad from college, spending a few months unemployed. just enjoying games and the gym. This was one of my games. it was amazing. sad to see it die since I hoped for the day it got big

  18. Am I the only one missing it so much…?

  19. I missed this game i still remember my moments with swagger always in my heart <3

  20. What is the Song Name??? PLEASE I'M AM DYING OF CURIOSITY

  21. It’s not a prequel it’s not a prequel game for transformers prime yeah must be it must be a prequel for the transformers prime cartoon

  22. If all of is wondering for the song it’s The Dead Weather – Treat me like your mother . But it’s remixed in the trailer

  23. Todo lo que fue de exitosola saga Transformers Prime y hasta TFP Beast Hunters, Ha miren lo que llegó para nosotros hasta con nuevos personaje, Autobots y Decepticons por igual.
    Ah y además cuando es el song del tráiler porque el tema musical queda bien con la animación. Gracias.

  24. This game had so potential, it's a shame the game has shut down. JAGEX developers, if you hear me, you still have a chance to bring the game back. And btw, this was the best game i ever played in my whole life.

  25. The name of the song in this trailer is TREAT ME LIKE YOUR MOTHER, by the band named THE DEAD WEATHER.

  26. The name of the song is Treat Me Like Your Mother by The Dead Weather.

  27. Was this game at all a part of the alligned continuity?

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