Transformers Universe MMO teaser trailer from Jagex Games Studio -

Transformers Universe MMO teaser trailer from Jagex Games Studio
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Earlier this month Jagex Games Studio announced the name of the much anticipated MMO: TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. Following that announcement they released this teaser trailer.

For those who missed the news, here what was announced about the game at BotCon:

– Hasbro and Jagex have joined forces to develop and publish a TRANSFORMERS MMO.

– The title of the MMO will be TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE.

– TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE will be an action orientated MMO.

– In TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE players will be able to create and play as their own AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON, designing and customising the character to fit their game play style, combat preferences and appearance.

– After looking at the mechanics, the iconic TRANSFORMERS IP, and the TRANSFORMERS heritage Jagex distilled this into core themes which are present throughout the TRANSFORMERS universe: conflict, teamwork, and social regard (the AUTOBOTS caring for the humans)

– TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE sits within the “Prime” timeline, along with the book Exodus, the War for Cybertron games and the Prime cartoon.

– The game will be released in 2012.


  1. @LauraOpenShot If they don't fix Runescape due to their marketing ploy, and satisfying their board of directors, then I somehow doubt that they'd put no effort into this game =/ It's more than likely that this game, along with Stellar Dawn, is going to be messed up

  2. i was omg omg omg omg omg (was about to jizz in pants) then i saw jagex

  3. fk you jagexxxxxxxxxxx you dont know how mad i am now you only care about your fking stupid money not about us u rui n people life by adding money shits in it i hate u jagex do u ever add stuffs for free ? no because u only want us to pay u money and ruin our life jagex f**k youuuuuuuuuu

  4. CALM DOWN EVRYBODY !!! dont you get it? jagex need cash to devloppe this game and pay hasbro for the copyright that is why they make refer a friend and other stuff on runescape

  5. @nam4517 ummm…..then don't pay them?????? I think Jagex is the least of your problems if a computer game "ruins" your life.

  6. @R4dicalJosh it not my life i am worry about it others people life

  7. @nam4517 Same difference. How and Why can a game developer ruin people's lives? They do need money you know. They don't make games for free.

  8. @R4dicalJosh do you really want me to explain this to you in over 5000 words? or just accept the fact that runescape is g@y

  9. runescpae is gona become like funorb no updates in over a year theyll just abandon it

  10. I can't wait for transformers universe it's an MMO it will feature all 11,000 transformers characters it will have thousands of customization options, all the way down to looks. You can take an image you drew on your computer and stamp it or paint it on your character. There will be the ability to combine so if you choose a combiner from G1 like the combaticons, or stunticons and so on you can combine with your friends. No one will look like you because the options for custom is HUGE.

  11. @darkheat246 Also you can play from any story in transformers from pre 1983 to present, I want to make a custom combiner and combine with my friends to fight beastwars era characters.

  12. @coloreel it got cancelled a long time ago

  13. @nam4517 jagex is a game development company, 2 it is endorsed by hasbro so jagex will basically be doing the programming and hasbro will handle the marketing side. 3 do you really i mean really think a developer would create a mmo and put money into advertising and not add a charge?, if jagex only cared about money they would not add anything to free member runescape but they occasionally do.

  14. @nam4517 Jagex is a god damn company, you want the to make everything free or do you just want them to shut down?
    You should be great full that they even offer stuff for free because many company’s don’t.
    A company like Jagex can't offer everything for free, but i guess if you had paid more attention in school (or in life) you would know that.

  15. @TheBernhard100 a Damn Company. make money and does not get all greedy for money. jagax offer almost everything for memberships

  16. @nam4517 Mod MMG have updated runescape for f2p lately i wish he will continue this and NOT do the previous CEO did.

  17. I love runescape, and I am excited to play this game! I cant wait till they release more info on this

  18. What a lame teaser, although I'm not surprised after seeing the Stellar Dawn teaser.

  19. @nam4517 Now, might that be becaus they need a source of INCOME.

  20. @nam4517 Yup, I agree with you, RuneScape is probably the most BORINNNNGGGG game ever.

  21. Transformers Universe rofl / sad jagex . Really lost it havint you".

  22. Great… I was hoping a different developer would make this because this now might lead to another runescape like game. I hope it actually requires skill rather than the planning based combat concept behind runescape. Wouldn't it be great to move your character with regular controls rather than just clicking where you want to move. And automatic attacking… boring! I would rather get in the zone and be able to blast away with every click until my opponent is scrap.

  23. I think this is a fake… They said the game will arrive in 2012 and right now is 14.04.2012!! REALLY!!!??!

  24. how the fuck did I never hear about this shit… I guess that explains why stellar dawn was never released…

  25. They are releasing a new trailer at not con 2012

  26. Stellar Dawn was scrapped for this game. Yes they will add more microtransactions to runescape. They already started with SOF.

  27. So is this going to be another failure/money pit like Mechscape or they just going to go with the same yawn-inspiring grinding of NoobScape.

  28. this is really ridiculous i mean come on! 2012 isnt gonna last forever and its suppose to come out in 2012 and yet we dont have any gameplay or how its gonna look how its gonna work or anything like that? im starting to think this will be scrapped

  29. awesome looking mmo, but I think Jagex should just work on Stellar Dawn until its finished, then move to Transformers Universe, instead of pausing Stellar Dawn for a new mmo.

  30. Hope its not another Runescape skinned in Transformers. Shit it better not even have the same mechanics

  31. like 60 i think. i havent played it in a little while ( a few weeks)

  32. im not so sure i could agree with you on that. Im not a big fan of DCUO. compared to city of heroes, that game has less customizable features. i respect your opinion of course, good sir

  33. Jagex are supposedly trying to get rid of Bots within Runescape… and now they're developing an entire game about them? Seems legit. 😛

  34. What happened to making stellar dawn if anyone knows can they tell me/explain why?

  35. I´ve created an account but how I login??

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