Transformers Universe Video Game: Machine Learning AI Trailers Remastered in 4K -

Transformers Universe Video Game: Machine Learning AI Trailers Remastered in 4K

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Transformers Universe remastered with machine learning video game ai. So this 1 was a blast to do because Transformers Universe was an awesome video game that ended abruptly. Thankfully machine learning video game ai can recapture that awesomeness while updating the visuals in 4k. The gameplay was somewhat similar to other multiplayer battle arena games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends; however, there were no lanes or creeps, and the game was played from a third person perspective. Players picked from a roster of warriors and went head to head in battles to capture points or to annihilate the other team. Although the game featured several Prime characters in minor roles, new introductions to the Prime mythos such as Prowl and Switchblade took center stage. Transformers Universe is a cancelled free to play browser based massively[sic] online tactical action game, or MOTA, developed by Jagex. A few years back Jagex released these awesome cinematic trailers. And while they look good now they could stand to look a little better.

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  1. Decided to do another remaster of this awesome game's trailer. Instead this time around its a compilation. TF Universe will always be remembered as a game that had a lot of potential.

  2. This is what I call they wasted perfectly good game

  3. When you realise this is in the same universe as rescue bots academy

  4. Bro, I remember playing this game a lot while listening to linkin park albums. Even after so many years, my mind gives me little memories of this and man, you don't know how much I miss it. It was a beautiful time in my life

  5. Damn, this was supposed to be part if the Aligned continuity? This game had so much potential, it's sad it got cancelled.

  6. the game a good game but is gone sad is gone in 2016 or 2017

  7. Me in 2021 remembering this game makes me sas

  8. i wish someone had the coding for this game and ran it on private servers it was the best TF game next to the Cybertron games and Devestation

  9. This game was so good. I don't even know why they shut it down. We won't get a game like this in a few years that's for sure.

  10. This! Is [TRANSFORMERS:PRIME] game,
    But not 'the' game.

  11. Is this on Xbox one, also if it is is it worth playing I’m a big transformers fan

  12. did this game really exist? I never heard of

  13. After that let's murder all the autobots for saving your earth guys because they were the problem.
    The president: good idea! Let's make a CIA operation to kill these autobots and turn them into scraps and create our own transformers!

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