TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON All Cutscenes (Autobot Campaign) Game Movie 4K 60FPS Ultra HD -

TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON All Cutscenes (Autobot Campaign) Game Movie 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

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TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON All Cutscenes (Autobot Campaign) Game Movie 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

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Amidst a battle to defend Iacon from Decepticon forces, the Autobot soldier Optimus is informed by the scout Bumblebee about Zeta Prime’s disappearance. Temporarily assuming the role of leader, Optimus, joined by Bumblebee and the medic Ratchet, leads a defensive campaign to fight off the Decepticons in Iacon, reactivating the city’s defense guns and communication grid. The trio then travel to the Decagon Plaza, where they defeat the recently recruited Decepticon Starscream, forcing him and the rest of the Decepticon forces in Iacon to retreat. Shortly afterward, the Autobots receive a distress call from Zeta Prime, still alive, who reveals he is being held at a prison in the Decepticon capital city of Kaon. Alongside Bumblebee and Sideswipe, Optimus allows himself and the others to be captured in order to infiltrate Kaon, where they break free with the help of the Aerialbot Air Raid and rescue the other Autobots prisoners, who escape aboard Decepticon transports…..

As always we included relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to stich together a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. I wish this game was available on the Microsoft Store or playable on the Series S.

  2. I know this is almost a cliché …

    … but Peter Cullen will always remain Optimus Prime, for me, at least …

    Often imitated, never replicated …

  3. You guys have the support of millions, and I know you love this game. Please make a petition, or a call for this games return as a remastered game brother please.

  4. These two high moon studios transformers games we TOP TIER! No movie to tie them down just the OG source material and the gameplay was AMAZING. Wish the movies didn’t ruin this franchise. They were going places

  5. If only Rise of the Dark Spark wasn't a thing, maybe the Cybertron game series would've finally had a true ending

  6. You must have such expensive and high quality gaming computer of some sort to do something like this!
    This is very cool to watch! thank you so much! I love it! keep it up!

  7. Why are there weirdos in the comments saying "I'm single", or "I love you"?

  8. I love all Transformer Games and Movie and Also the one is playing this Game as well! Happy New Year!

  9. We need a TRUE sequel to Fall of Cybertron, not the Rise of the Dark Spark!

  10. GLP… Big Fan of yours for years. Keep up the Great Content. Have you ever played Twin Mirrors?

  11. I remember this on 360 wow bro what a throwback

  12. Why have these games not been added to the backwards compatibility of Xbox one some of my favorites ……. 😤

  13. bro this is bringing back memories damm this was a while ago when i played this

  14. Nooo wayyyy, this game is a classic, man bless your soul for playing this game again in 2021😭😭

  15. This is the only War For Cybertron series I'll watch, not whatever netflix created.

  16. Should there be a new open world Transformers Cybertron game?

  17. It's crazy how half of the voice actors are from scooby doo,jjba,akira,x men and uncharted

  18. The campaign and multiplayer of both games were so good and they still are

  19. 26:23 I like how Soundwave let's out Rumble just so he could talk shit lmao

  20. It's a really cool touch that the Narrator sounds a lot like the one in the G1 cartoon

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  22. awyppawforyñpojdsdñaañahñlassasfhñlashñfañññ

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