Transformers: War for Cybertron (Decepticon Edition) All Cutscenes Game Movie 1080p -

Transformers: War for Cybertron (Decepticon Edition) All Cutscenes Game Movie 1080p

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War for Cybertron was one of the first Transformers game that really captured the spirit of the franchise. The story is great, and gameplay is fun as both vehicles and robots. The gameplay is real precursor to Titanfall; no doubt Respawn borrowed some of the mechanics from this game. War for Cybertron is told from the perspective of both sides, so we’re going to post the Autobot Edition next week.

The game takes place on the planet Cybertron, prior to the Transformers arrival on Earth. The Autobots and Decepticons are engaged in a civil war. The game can be played starting from either faction’s perspective, but begins chronologically with the Decepticon campaign. The game revolves around the use of a substance known as Dark Energon, which the evil Decepticon leader Megatron believes will allow him to return the planet to what he refers to as a golden age.

Gameplay by IResistz
Edited by KnowLedge


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  1. but sir that's suicide BLAM!! any further objections lol

  2. I forgot why, if that is Sentinal Prime, how come he’s called Zeta Prime?

  3. 22:08 which soundtrack is it?… I've been searching for entire years and yet still not even found it

  4. I just realized that starscream went full circle with his design, first this, then tfp, then robots in disguise it was closer to this

  5. “Megatron, when this is over can i rip off starscream’s tin?”

    “Patience Brawl.”

  6. Megatron has deception symbol on his back, in his old body

  7. Weird how starscream sounded just a bit, A BIT, sensible in the beginning when he said "Dark Energon only brings death and destruction."

  8. I miss this game so much. But I don think its backwards compatible for Xbox One.

  9. I always wondered why someone would NOT want to play as Megatron.

  10. I am proud of you Megatron! But why is your face so generic?

  11. I loved this game so much… While Fall if Cybertron felt like an apocalyptic war, War for Cybertron felt more like a real civil war: You could truly identify with each faction's motivations and playing the campaign felt like bringing your side closer to victory. All hail Megatron!

  12. You know. After the War for Cybertron, I realized that they have not mention dark energon during the transformers movies

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