Transformers: War for Cybertron - Full Trailer -

Transformers: War for Cybertron – Full Trailer

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Transformers: War for Cybertron – Full Trailer


  1. u notice how the trailer gives both sides of the war. one who cares about the damage done to the planet "our tragic war has ravaged cybertron" and the other that does not care about anything but victory "it is a necessary loss, to return us to glory" the basic idea and many background warriors and blast effects make this and the foc trailer amazing.

  2. As a thirteen year old I was HYPE about this game

  3. Watching this again, I think this trailer us better than that of fall of cybertron.

  4. Love the contrast between Optimus and Megatron's speeches

  5. I love that little detail of Optimus saying saying:
    "OUR defeat would mean the end of everything."
    And then Megatron saying:
    "MY victory will mark a brilliant new beginning."
    Those two lines sum up their characters perfectly

  6. Transformers Cybertron Games Are My Favourites 😁

  7. Anyone Else comming back to play this game in 2021 and shearching it up on yt for fun?

  8. Still trying to find song of this trailer. It's so epic.

  9. Somebody seriously needs to restart High Moon Studios and make more Tformers games

  10. Man, as a kid I could’ve sworn this was more cool 🤨

  11. Am I the only one who first saw this trailer at Blockbuster?

  12. This is a more epic trailer than the Fall of Cybertron one

  13. Dawg these games were ahead of their time and Activision is stupid for not doing more with this franchise and high moon studios.

  14. Bring this game back on Steam for the love of God

  15. This is literally robotic USA vs Russia if the cold war turned hot

  16. Cybertron our home for generations it has been a peaceful world until pride a lust for power divided us now we fight Enemies who were once our brothers

  17. Our defeat would mean the end of everything

  18. If they released a walkthrough with the gameplay replaced with new scenes animated to the same standard as this 2010 video game, it would still be an awesome film or miniseries for streaming platforms. They did that with Alien: Isolation, which doesn't work nearly as well as this would.

  19. Honestly I love war for Cybertron, but the fucking reveal trailer for fall of Cybertron was waaaay better the scenes meshed with humbling river really hammered home the game's theme

  20. And that's what Transformers should have been all about.

  21. Optimus Prime
    Omega Supreme


  22. This is going to sound stupid, but when I first saw this back in 2010, I thought that Trypticon was actually Ravage. You can call me an idiot. Go ahead.

  23. I was 2 yrs old when his was made wow… 11 years ago

  24. I wish we could relive these series again 😔

  25. 0:39 that autobot symbol is pretty cool, is it ever seen anywhere else in Transformers?

  26. I’m trying to forget my past but goddammit war for and fall of cybertron is always memorable

  27. I was 11 years old when I first watched this trailer, I was also 11 years old when I played this game. I had some the greatest summer break time, I had acquired PS3 by June 2010, so as soon as I realized there was a Transformers game by watching this, I took my now late father immediately to the video club where we rented it for several weeks until I finished, and even when I did, I would end up replaying it. My old man didn't mind paying more money than he had to for my enjoyment (and it's not like we were rich btw, in fact we weren't nor are we now).

    Today I am 22, he's gone, as is golden era of the Transformers games. I miss both dearly, I cannot have him back, but I hope that one day there will be great Transformers game made again. Not mobile ones, console and PC ones. Ones with story, that give the fans everything they want, instead of being a live service or mobile games that can't even go near the sun WFC/FOC are.

  28. I've been watching this since the day it came out yet I've never played the game…it reminds me of better days this odd nostalgia…#beachhouse-spacesong I wish I could find that comment I put way back cringe but special

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