Transformers: War for Cybertron Review -

Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

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High Moon’s game stands where others fell.


  1. Can we please get a Gundam game like this for the PC?

  2. This game is awesome, unfortunatley the multiplayer is down/dead now 🙁

  3. Is this game better than fall for cybertron? I don't know which one to get, someone please tell me :O

  4. Have you tried it for the DS? Still awesome as hell. If they made a 3DS version it'll be just as fucking awesome with the graphics improved and maybe online multiplayer w/ more chapters in the campaign.

  5. Starscream yelling retreat, retreat..thats how i have known the transformers…..

  6. Currently on Steam for a mere $5. Stop watching this and buy it!

  7. I feel like the war on cybertron is so much like ww2 Megatron wanted to be a prime but people rejected him and he became angry started basically dictatorship like Adolf Hitler he was rejected as well and became angry and blamed it on the jews as megatron blamed it on Optimus and all that led to a war with insane casualties who is with me for this and if Ur reading this have a good day

  8. I just got a new update for WFC PlayStation 3 WTF

  9. My favorite gun in that game is the triple-barreled scrapmaker

  10. I hope this game will be on the list on backwards compatibility game on Xbox one

  11. TRANSFORMERS™ :Rise Of Unicron Coming out in spring of 2016 Same of gameplay as War For Cybertron

  12. Just found this for $5 at a grocery store! Can't wait to play it!

  13. I just started this game today on PC, Hot Damn its Awesome!!

  14. I'm really getting tired of people saying that FOC is better,because its not.War for cybertron had a better story,better looking character models,better and cooler looking weapons,and the game had so much atmosphere and you actually felt like you were in a war.

  15. there's so many things i wanna see when it comes to Transformers

    1. a third high moon game
    2. seeing Armada cyclonus, Starscream Thrust, Animated Lugnut
    3. Gary Chalk as Optimus Prime

  16. I give it a 9.5/10
    -0.5 = this game, and FOC, is connected to the Prime series, for some reason

  17. 9.0??? It's an overrated game that, by the way, is horrible!!! Game is extremely repetitive and boring. I could barely finish the autobots campaign on hard. Didn't feel like playing the decepticons. I was already bored with just one side.

  18. Can someone tell me whats the total playtime???plz

  19. Why did IGN review this game but not fall of cybertron?

  20. omg! I couldn't finifh this review…100% because the reviewer is reading from a script & therefore he is LYING! Don't let this go unchecked or IGN will keep doing it…

  21. Ended it . it was a bit slow paced than FoC. but nonetheles better than its predecessar.

  22. Screw the idea of forgetting anything of transformers. I'm staying in it. Who else wants to stay with tf?

  23. I was debating whether or not to get this game since it's on sale right now on PSN for 9.95 I'm convinced now to get it.

  24. Wait a minute, what about the Aerialbots, Combaticons, and Stunticons? Sure some characters were only in DS, but they were still in the game. They were built during the g1 cartoon. Plot hole alert.

  25. wfc isnt part of the g1 continuity its part of the aligned continuity

  26. i think FOC and WFC are equal in gameplay, but WFC is definately superior in story.

    They stayed entirely true to the in game transformations.

  28. i play this game again after watch bumblebee movie

  29. This is what I like from IGN! (My Bias for this game is a bit crazy being my first game)

  30. This is da best game ever😂🤣😎💯🔥👊😆😄😅💪

  31. Remaster of this game and fall of cybertron, where the hell are they?

  32. Who else came back after watching the new show on Netflix 👍🏼

  33. Another game that would be great for the Switch.

  34. Me in the future
    Poor dude. Thinks its apart of G1, its the Aligned Continuity.

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