Transformers WFC (2010) - Easter Eggs & Secrets -

Transformers WFC (2010) – Easter Eggs & Secrets

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Since this game is nearly a decade old at this point, (time definitely flies) I thought I’d make an video on the easter eggs but it surprises me how there are little to none videos about them. Probably because they aren’t so obviously easily found unlike FoC’s easter eggs. Enjoy.

◉ Timestamps ◉
0:00 – Chapter 1 – Soldier stuck under rubble
0:22 – Chapter 1 – High Moon Studios logo
0:53 – Chapter 3 – Corrupted Cybertron
1:26 – Chapter 3 – High Moon Studios logo 2
2:05 – Chapter 3 – Energon vending machine
2:29 – Chapter 3 – Hidden Conversation
2:45 – Chapter 4 – Energon Vending machine 2
3:05 – Chapter 4 – Hidden mini statue behind crate
3:35 – Chapter 6 – Secret battle
4:00 – Chapter 6 – What is Warpath doing here?
4:37 – Chapter 6 – Saddened Generic Auto drinks Energon
5:12 – Chapter 7 – Arcee & Jazz in cells
6:22 – Chapter 7 – Arcee & Jazz freed!
7:17 – Chapter 7 – Jazz escorting the generics (you’re not supposed to be there so I died lol)
7:58 – Chapter 8 – Ironhide uses Universal greeting (G1 movie reference)
8:30 – Chapter 10 – Saddened energon drinker returns
9:00 – Chapter 10 – Ratchet’s cache and dancing robots?
10:13 – MP Map RUST – Energon vending machine 3….does not work 🙁


  1. We need remastered version of war and fall of cybertron I guarantee it will sell and transformer fans will buy just to relieve there childhood

  2. As a hardcore g1er am trying to open to this

    This game needs an remastered

  3. Energon vending machine? What will they think of next?

  4. At this time buble beo was hawing the time of his life playing this game with multiplayer
    While i tried finding the name and then a way to download this game
    Also why cant we appraciate all the hard work hm studios put in for making this game and the people who posted the game *forgot what they were called tvision?* and they just stopped supporting the servers bam easy as that

  5. Not sure if you could count it as a easter egg. There's a autobot mission with a cutscene, were soundwaves creates energon cubes. As soon as control is given back to player (cutscene ends) look up at the sky. The ship that's leaving, you can see soundwave waving at the player.

    Loved War for cybertron, back when i was a kid.

  6. Man, arcee is a lot taller than I thought she be

  7. Ох, чувак! Я думала, я одна этим занимаюсь))

  8. For 5 years of playing the only one I found was the soldier stuck in the rubble😂

  9. There was a missed reference but if you play the mission where you go to Kaon and walk through the inside passing the other prisoners, you can hear an autobot say “spare me this mockery of justice” which is what I believe to be a reference to the G1 transformers the movie

  10. Спасибо теперь тебе как и мне приятно тебя смотреть видео лайкнул

  11. А тут ряльно есть Арси

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