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What if VIDEO GAME CONSOLES Were TRANSFORMERS?! (Stories & Speedpaint)

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A video I’ve been waiting ages to make is finally here with some of my best Transformers art! (If I do say so myself) This time It’s not superheroes or Famous vehicles, but the new video game consoles that just came out this week (plus one older one)!

I design three robots in disguise this episode. The first is the Xbox Series X turned into a Halo Master Chief slash Gears of War inspired mini-con transformer. The second is The PS5 as a Kratos from God of War and Ratchet and Clank inspired transformer. Finally, to round out the episode I make a Mario based Nintendo Switch transformer. Around all these characters, instead of doing a Transformers War for Cybertron story, I adapt elements from the Video game Console wars into a Mini-Con war on the moons of Cybertron!

It was a goofy and fun thing to write and of course, all the drawings were a blast do make and design! So with all that said, the only thing left to do is ask; are you getting a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series S/X?

Anyway, enjoy; What if VIDEO GAME CONSOLES Were TRANSFORMERS?! (Stories & Speedpaint)

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  1. I had another idea for the ninatons, because the ninatons are based on the switch and the switches ‘arms’ can come off, I would think the ninatons arms would be able to slip off and attack from a distance

  2. x-bot x is one of my favourite designs

    also does anyone else kinda see the minicons coming to a stalemate and becoming one single army? because i sure as hell do

  3. They put the masntemchief in the transformres

  4. I would like if you made one really long video fixing some things about certain drawings this can be poses faces backgrounds or just anything really (an example for this would be giving the Nintendo switch character a weapon like the master sword or mega mans buster arm so it would have 2 character elements in it like the other 2 drawings of the video).

  5. This dude makes anything a story be my mentor man

  6. I LOVE these drawings they are sick! But I would have incorporated elements of Astro(the PlayStation mascot) for the PlayStation robot.

  7. You should check out Transformers BotBots lots to work with and fun to.

  8. I feel like Playsia 5 has been under constant threat of assassination. Every time he tries to make it to the front lines, there are untold numbers of opportunists at the ready to strike him down and delay his attempts to carry the battle. (Damn scalpers…)

  9. Forget what console you play, are you an autobot or decepticon

  10. Everything is fun and games until colonel sanders usurps the lead of the PCs

  11. Can you fusi me angel dust and my boyfriend Goku black

  12. A thought just occurred to me, you could've tried to make the head of playsa 5 Lara Croft. She's a really iconic playstation character.

  13. It’s all fun and games until Sony brings out the psDIE

  14. The story was a bit boring cuz Im not a transformers fan

  15. Can you make "What if SCP's were transformers?"

  16. i got an idea for you next drawing anime weapons or freak items like masks made in to monster or heros

  17. Are you to make a phone a Power Ranger?

  18. You could’ve had it so Switchoff could Jump in a Mech To MATCH the power of the other Generals and said Armor is shaped like Samus aran

  19. X box
    “Built like a fridge”
    X box mini fridge
    “Hold my beer

  20. The Oled has entered the battle field

  21. Hey wouldn't it be funny if he made the switch light and the PC with the rainbow lights in a new video

  22. Thy holy kfc console will slay thy traitorous others

  23. The play station drawing with the big shoulders shook like the bottom part of the controller like the thick tubes

  24. Do the Ninja turtles as transformer monsters where they have like bits of flesh popping out of the transformer mechanic parts like kind of like a cyborgmonster transformer

  25. Um excuse me but just in case you did not know minicons are small decepticons/autobots.

  26. But you could of shown that the switch can split into the a big duribale one and two agile,speedy and sneeky.

  27. 1:55 everyone I've asked about their Xbox said that they would have rather gotten a PlayStation, with the only reason they chose Xbox instead being so they can play with their xbox-using friends.

  28. But behind it all, the Oculus was lurking in the shadows.

  29. fyi it's pronounced A-loy listening to this while I play the game she's from. you definitely should have also taken inspiration from the machines in horizon zero dawn for the PlayStation one.

  30. I'm choosing to take this video as a documentary on the console wars

  31. This comment is super late but you should have made the head of the ps5 robot astro from astros playroom

  32. Anyone else think the play zons are decepticons they just look the part to me

  33. Can you do a second part with like VR headsets because there has been kind of a “console” war between the different headsets

  34. EDIT: The Switch and PS5 posters are also both available, just not in the lower bar yet, links to all three posters are here:
    Switch-Off Poster: https://teespring.com/switch-off-poster?tsmac=store&tsmic=popcross-studios-store&pid=623&cid=102506
    X-Bot X Poster: https://teespring.com/x-bot-x-poster?tsmac=store&tsmic=popcross-studios-store&pid=623&cid=102506
    Playsia 5 Poster: https://teespring.com/playsia-5-poster?tsmac=store&tsmic=popcross-studios-store&pid=623&cid=102506

    I JUST PUT UP A POLL FOR THE NEXT MANDALORIAN VIDEO! Check the community tab to vote on what you wanna see made into Mandos, it’ll be next Friday’s video (Mondays is something else)

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